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Wing Venture Capital Recognizes Rocana for Empowering IT Ops Initiatives to Take Flight

May 18, 2017 Author: Omer Trajman

We’re thrilled to be recognized by Wing Venture Capital in their inaugural Data-First 50 list of innovative, venture-backed startups. This latest recognition follows a year of numerous high profile awards and recognitions, including those from Frost & Sullivan, Entrepreneur Magazine, Gartner, and Forbes. Wing’s Data-First 50 highlights visionary young companies that have set out to reinvent the market for business applications by combining data-centric strategies and artificial intelligence.

I encourage you to read Wing’s blog post on the Data-First 50 by Martin Giles, partner at Wing and a former journalist with The Economist. Martin makes a compelling case for Wing's roundup in VentureBeat:


The original business software paradigm pioneered by companies such as Oracle and SAP focused on using software to boost efficiency by codifying workflows. The data generated by the applications were treated as an afterthought. If insights were needed to guide workers, analysts were summoned to extract them from the data using specialized tools. The Software-as-a-Service revolution greatly improved the way business software was delivered and distributed, but it didn’t fundamentally change this underlying approach...

The new applications do. They treat data as the priority — hence the term “data-first” — and they leverage various AI technologies to recommend actions that are delivered directly to users, often in real time. Incumbents like Oracle are now rushing to inject AI features into their software. But as so often in the history of technology, many of the most compelling innovations will come from startups unencumbered by legacy thinking…

Elsewhere, as our report notes, the emphasis is more on augmentation than automation. This is especially true in sensitive areas like IT security and IT operations, where a tsunami of events and alerts risks overwhelming human operators. Here, AI-powered software is being used to identify situations that merit the attention of an employee and to automate responses to some issues...

When we founded Rocana, we recognized that 100% operational visibility getting IT and security operators access to all data, with automated intelligence and analytics built-in was becoming a critical need. Though IT organizations have tried to bend traditional IT monitoring solutions to this need, they found that legacy systems are unable to scale, they drop data, and they are missing the native analytics and machine learning that augment and automate human operator workloads.

Rocana Ops eliminates the technical and cost challenges associated with legacy IT monitoring approaches, enabling operations teams to reliably operate and secure next generation IT infrastructure. Here's how we help stakeholders see more and do more:

  • Breadth – Reliably capture data from hundreds of thousands of diverse sources.
  • Depth – Reliably capture millions of events per second, totaling petabytes of data per month.
  • Duration – All data is online searchable for years starting from the moment it is captured.
  • Analytics – Advanced machine learning and anomaly detection help you spot unexpected issues as they arise.
  • Intelligent Automation – React instantly with full automated alert and workflow orchestration capabilities.

On behalf of Rocana, we’d like to thank the folks at Wing for this prestigious recognition!

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