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What Does Rocana Ops Offer to CIOs?

February 2, 2016 Author: Don Brown

The CIO of a Fortune 1000 company is the owner of information systems and supports nearly every aspect of the business. Yet viewpoints on IT range from a necessary evil and cost center at best, to something to actively be bypassed at worst (BYOD, Shadow IT, SaaS, etc). How can Rocana, and in particular Rocana Ops, help CIOs address these perception problems by creating value and strategy for their enterprise?

Be a hero with Rocana Ops

Rocana obviously doesn’t pretend to solve all the problems of a modern CIO, but from an IT Operations analytics perspective, we strongly believe that Rocana Ops is the model for next generation monitoring. Modern applications, even microservices, are still composed of storage, network, application, security, and servers and the systems grow more inter-connected by the day.

Eliminate Silos

First and foremost, the Rocana Ops offers CIOs an opportunity to begin to collapse the historical silos that have emerged across the domains listed above. Does the business care whether it’s SAN, NAS, Direct Attached, or any other type of storage? Does the business care about the composition and segregation of VLAN’s? No, of course not. The business doesn’t even care about the SLAs of the individual components, those are just lowest common denominator proxies for their goals.The business only cares about IT systems when IT is the reason for missing business KPIs.

Take a New Approach

Why then do we insist on orienting our monitoring systems along those axes? Wouldn’t it be far more powerful to be able to tag all components of applications or services and be able to understand and describe how their performance relates to business KPI’s in a single system of record? And further, to have that system be able to answer questions in seconds or minutes rather than days or weeks? To accomplish this of course, you need a dramatic shift in approach, one that requires R.E.A.L. big data capabilities and a license model that encourages rather than inhibits data collection.

Predictable Pricing

Rocana Ops offers companies the opportunity to collect terebytes of operational data per day. We price by user, not by volume. So if your Hadoop cluster is in place, organizations can immediately start collecting many datasets that have been deemed “not valuable” enough to put into Splunk, Arcsight, or other products that have volume-based licensing models. Our user-based licensing model not only encourages data collection, it makes cost modeling incredibly predictable.

Use Purpose-Built Analytics, Not Alerts and Rules

The general approach to monitoring hasn’t changed much in the fifteen years since I started in Earthlink’s Network Management group: Identify IT metrics worth monitoring, set a rule with intuitive tolerances, and go. This approach was tolerable when the systems under management numbered in the triple digits, applications were contained within three servers instead of three continents, and ephemeral applications were a myth. In the modern era of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, how can a CIO possibly respond to business changes or new initiatives when forced to answer questions through so many levels of abstraction? Rocana Ops is built by default to address the new normal: distributed, dynamically-resourced applications that straddle public cloud, private cloud, on premise and co-located infrastructure. Leveraging WARN, our near real-time anomaly detection system, we can help organizations focus on the metrics that are truly flashing red, not the false-positive alert that triggers every Tuesday night when planned storage downtime occurs.

Go For It!

Fixing all your infrastructure monitoring challenges isn't really that simple, but it's a better blueprint than repeating the same processes, hoping for a different outcome. Isn't it about time you tried a new, modern approach to IT monitoring? 

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