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We are Now Rocana - Guided Root Cause Analysis

April 30, 2015 Author: Omer Trajman

A year ago, Don, Eric and I realized that as part of the emerging trend towards shared-services infrastructure, today’s IT Ops teams are drowning in complexity. For every Docker, Hadoop, MongoDB, Mesosphere and OpenStack system that’s deployed, there’s a team of operators struggling to identify and address the multi-pronged issues that emerge from using these systems. Whereas once it was commonplace for organizations to deploy new applications in single monolithic stacks, today’s applications use micro-services that span data centers, clouds and third party providers. The difference between operating the infrastructure for an ATM network and for mobile check deposits is an orders of magnitude increase in complexity.

Seeing throcanais changeover in infrastructure, we set out on a mission to create new applications for operating data centers. Rather than trying to force ops teams to digest a firehose of mashed up data, our solution uses the power of big data and domain specific machine learning to deliver purpose built visualizations for IT operators. The application we’ve been developing is changing how our customers triage and diagnose full stack operational issues. To emphasize our mission we’ve decided to rebrand as Rocana (ROot Cause ANAlysis). Rocana’s vision for the world is that operators will be able to clearly identify and, in time, prevent mission critical issues that emerge from the next generation of shared-services infrastructure.

The response to our vision among enterprises has been overwhelming. Some of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world are experiencing the pain we saw early on and believe in our solution. Several have made the leap to adopt early versions of our software. With this validation in the market, we needed more support from our existing and new investors, not just in terms of capital, but also their experience and advice as we change the way operations is run around the globe.

We’re thrilled that Google Ventures and General Catalyst have doubled down on their investment in Rocana and we’re excited to welcome Vinny Smith and the team at Toba Capital as well as Paul Sagan as investors. The folks at GV have lived these operational challenges and found their own way to address them. Vinny and his partners have built widely adopted solutions for operators, first at Patrol and then at Quest Software. Paul has been at the forefront of global data center operations during his tenure as CEO of Akamai and continues to see the evolution of data center operations as Director of EMC and VMware.