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The World's Easiest Commute

June 22, 2015 Author: Laura Kimpel

My alarm goes off at 8:15am. I wake up, brew a cup of coffee, and with my pajamas still on, begin the commute to my office. About 10 seconds later, I'm at work. Slippers on, cat at my feet, window open, I shake my mouse to wake up my computer. I check my messages, look at email, and say good morning to my fellow East coast co-workers. After checking in, I change into jeans and a t-shirt and put my hair up in a messy bun.


Yes, this is what working from home looks like. Gone are the days of worrying whether my skirt suit was too short or too long, if my hair looked too formal or not "done" enough, if my jewelry was appropriate, or if I would be "jokingly" lambasted for wearing red lipstick on a whim. I don't look at the traffic report anymore, and the weather is just something I see out the window. I don't frantically pack a lunch or take heels with me so I can commute wearing flats. I don't worry about remembering an umbrella; I no longer awkwardly struggle taking off rain boots in the office. I don't shove myself into a crowded subway train or sit in an hour of seemingly endless traffic.

Elephant the cat at work Elephant the cat at work

I'm free from every single thing I hated about the corporate grind, without sacrificing anything about my career that I love.

As the Engineering Project Manager for Rocana, I still have the pleasure of working with a team of highly skilled engineers - some of the best the business has to offer - and I still interface with people at every level of the organization. I still manage schedules and deliverables, but these days, I'm having a lot more fun. With every employee in our company working remotely, we can hire the best candidates for the role without constraining our search to a specific city or country, which means that our workforce is highly suited for the work we do. Everyone has had a coworker who slips under the radar, pulling just enough weight to be invisible. At Rocana, we collaborate every moment of the day, holding ourselves and our teammates accountable for the high quality product we must deliver to the customer.

Another contributing factor to our cultural success is our "No Jerks!" rule. Working remotely requires excellent communication skills, and if you're salty, no one will enjoy communicating with you, which hurts the business. In our Employee Manual, it is stated that we'd rather hire an empathetic employee with a great skill set over a "perfect" genius with a chip on their shoulder. A lot of companies claim to follow these practices, but Rocana has cultivated a mature culture of kindness to actually back that claim. New employees are blown away by our on-boarding process and what comes out of it, over and over again, is the same sentiment - "Everyone here is so nice!"

Working from home is an incredible benefit, but it's just one on a very long list that Rocana offers it's employees. If you like being treated well by your company and your coworkers, check out our open positions and let us know!