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The End of IT Pain is Nigh

June 11, 2014 Author: Omer Trajman

ScalingData is building an end-to-end application for IT operations that leverages the Hadoop ecosystem.

Over the past four years, we have worked with some of the largest companies on the planet. At Cloudera and Vertica we helped banks reduce risk and better capture fraud, built systems for telecommunications companies to optimize their operations, worked with retailers to give customers a more personalized experience and supported health care providers from research through clinical care. During this time we repeatedly came to the same conclusion – the IT infrastructure that companies had at their disposal was alarmingly deficient.

A few months ago, Eric, Don and I teamed up to build a different model for large-scale data management. Today, we are announcing the formation of ScalingData and the closing of a financing round – and we couldn’t be more excited.

The driving force behind founding ScalingData was our realization that IT operations teams don’t have the right tools they need to run the next generation of enterprise applications. The threat of systems outages, IT budget overruns and the risk of regulatory noncompliance is only getting worse as organizations increasingly deploy more and more complex applications. Through our own real world experiences while at Cloudera and while doing diligence on the domain, we recognized a potential game-changing idea…that we could apply similar big data principles we used in the past, in order to help companies today revolutionize how they operate and run their business in a brand new way.

The team at General Catalyst recently led an investment to help us fund our new venture. We are also excited that both Google Ventures and Brian Stevens, the CTO of Red Hat, participated in the funding round totaling $4.4M. As a part of the investment, we have the privilege of having Donald Fischer join our board. Donald's experience from his time at Red Hat, as well as his operational focus are directly relevant to our mission. In addition to Donald, the guidance and support from the other partners at General Catalyst, such as Steve Herrod, has been exponential in our fast development.

While we’re just getting started, we’ve already kicked off projects with a select group of organizations in the Fortune 500. We're working rigorously to ensure our new product delivers on the promise of a much more powerful and cost-effective application, which in turn helps these global brands overcome the complex application challenges that exist with running worldwide businesses. Stay tuned, as we're committed to continually updating our community on the advancements our customers make through our technology.

If you are interested in working with us or would like to learn more details about how we are ending IT pain, please feel free to follow us @rocanainc or reach out.