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The Big Deal on Rocana Ops 1.3: Advanced Anomaly Detection

January 12, 2016 Author: Omer Trajman

We announced a new version of Rocana Ops today, and it's hard to emphasize the power IT operations teams now have access to.

With version 1.2, we delivered unprecedented scalability with our R.E.A.L. Big Data methodology. Version 1.3 introduces a leap in our advanced analytics capabilities, including enhancements in anomaly detection and a powerful new module, Weighted Analytic Risk Notifications (WARN). If you look at the day to day workload that consumes IT, admins are either searching for issues that are already critical or monitoring systems for emerging threats. Rocana Ops has always helped admins find the source of issues with guided root cause analysis. WARN is a new capability that makes it much easier to identify issues before they become critical.

WARN helps admins identify issues before they become critical. WARN is an always-on module that makes sense out of individual anomalies and helps IT admins avoid the alert overload problem. Rocana Ops simultaneously monitors hundreds of thousands of system metrics, instrumented metrics, infrastructures, and metrics from application log data. WARN aggregates these scores across the originating systems and services with several weighting factors like recency, severity, and cardinality, providing vital insight into operational trends. The WARN module shows expected and actual behavior of each location, host and system with a unique visualization feature that makes it clear where hotspots are emerging.

We're very proud to release Rocana 1.3 with WARN. Better control of your modern infrastructure is available today.