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Rocana Ops: What it Means to You as an IT Operator

February 11, 2016 Author: Eric Sammer

What does Rocana Ops offer for the sysadmins, site reliability engineers, and application developers tasked with keeping production systems up and running?


Let’s face it – the options for full production visibility at scale have been poor. I know this because I’ve been there. Most existing tools solve only a single problem such host and network metrics, application metrics, log management, or infrastructure monitoring. Of those tools, many only provide a current view of your infrastructure with no ability to understand it in a full and historical context. Many tools only work up to a certain scale, forcing data to be cherry-picked on the way in, or quickly aged out. SaaS-based operational tools are appealing, but shipping multiple terabytes of logs, events, and metrics per day to third party services is logistically challenging. In fact, many organizations are so fed up with the state of operational systems they go so far as to create teams internally to build what they need.

With Rocana Ops, teams have access to an operational intelligence system that supports:

  • Faceted and full text event search and visualization.
  • Custom dashboard creation.
  • Advanced anomaly detection on time series metrics.
  • Ingest scalability: Capture millions of events per second, totaling petabytes of data per month, from thousands of diverse sources.
  • Retention scalability: Query and analyze all event data without being forced to age data out of the system.
  • Low latency to data availability: The time from when data is produced to when it’s available for query is typically sub-second.
  • Out-of-the-box support for ingestion of tailed files, dropbox-style directory spooling, syslog, log4j, Windows Event Log, and APIs for many programming languages.
  • Centralized agent configuration management.
  • Low-overhead agents written in native code for popular Linux and Windows versions.
  • No proprietary file formats or APIs – you always own your data.
  • An open, realtime, data platform based on battle-tested open source components you can extend.
  • A system that scales with you.

Isn't it about time you tried a new, modern approach to IT monitoring?

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