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Why Analysts are Recognizing Rocana’s Passion for Customer Success

July 26, 2016 Author: Melissa Hueman

We have all been customers. Whether it’s buying coffee at a cafe, getting our car serviced at a dealership or choosing the right doctors for our kids, we develop our respective preferences and opinions about what we want, what we like and what is best. We also have our favorites - the gym with front desk employees that welcome us by name or the Starbucks barista who starts making our drink when we walk in the door. Or even the restaurant with employees who take a moment to ask about our day before taking our order.

frostsullivan_custservice.pngSome places continuously make an effort to take the extra minute and give us a sense of trust, confidence or care. Others really seem to value the customer experience in a different way. And while it seems so simple - so obviously correlated with the customer coming back for another cup, another checkup, another meal - it isn’t always a top priority.

Here at Rocana, our founders took an early stand about the importance of investing in customers. They knew how critical it was to start the company with a dedicated team to lead customers through every step of their journey. Having spent time in IT themselves, they wanted to ensure Rocana delivered on its promises and prioritized customers’ experiences as well as their success. We believe our product is not just our software; it is the experience our customers receive while we work together. And the ultimate measure of that experience is how well our customers achieve total operational visibility so they can, in turn, better serve their internal stakeholders across IT and the business.

We believe our white-glove customer experience is a critical business differentiator and is where our business is won and kept. We hire people who are innately curious about the challenges our customers face and who constantly strive to create value for our customers through our technology and expertise. We’ve spent the last year and a half building the right strategy to ensure we have a proper feedback loop and interaction tools to understand our customers’ needs, using every interaction as an opportunity to learn and assess what we are doing right and where we can do better. Internally and externally, we aim for full transparency of our goals, execution, and the value we create. And there are no boundaries-- we work hard to remove internal barriers so teams can work collaboratively to solve complex problems, and empower everyone to make a difference in creating quality solutions and happy customers.

This is why we’re very excited to be named a winner in Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Customer Service Excellence Recognition Program, joining companies like Dollar Shave Club, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and T-Mobile who are all recognized for outstanding achievement in distinct areas of customer service. Winners were identified by judges consisting of experts from the industry and Frost & Sullivan research analysts whose praise validates Rocana’s forward-thinking, customer-centric approach.

Ultimately, we believe openness, transparency and constant collaboration with our customers will enable us to deliver the most meaningful solutions. When you’re determined to see your customers succeed and deliver a phenomenal experience, there’s no way you can lose!

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