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It's Hard to Be Strategic with 10% Visibility

April 21, 2016 Author: Omer Trajman

Remember your last unplanned outage, failed SLA, or compliance breach that derailed a major strategic initiative? Did the post mortem reveal that the tell-tale signs that could have helped you prevent the problem, or get to the root cause quickly, were buried in the event log data? If so, why weren't you able to take advantage of that information to avoid or minimize the damage?

operational visibility challengesIt's probably not because you didn't think to or haven’t tried. Every legacy event monitoring tool at your disposal has promised to help reduce unexpected issues. In reality, the technical and especially the cost challenges have never lived up to the promise.

With legacy monitoring tools, you simply cannot afford to collect and analyze all of your event data from all of your systems, without diverting resources from other strategic priorities that will help you steer your business. As a result, it's common for organizations to capture and monitor less than 10% of their event log data. Regardless of how you prioritize the sliver of data that you do collect, you are leaving tons of valuable information behind - information that could help you prevent your next outage or other serious issue, or at least minimize the pain when it does happen.

It's a lot like mining for gold. If you only have a shovel, you're forced to dig in the areas where you know there is gold that you can reach easily. But you also know you're leaving a lot of gold behind. Wouldn't it be nice if it was technically possible to get all the gold in a cost effective way?

The good news is there is a way. It's called Rocana Ops. Built specifically to address the challenges of collecting and monitoring event data in today's massively complex IT environments, Rocana Ops gives you the ability to gather and intelligently analyze 100% of your event data across your entire IT environment without breaking the bank. Features and benefits include:

  • Extreme Scalability – Rocana Ops can easily ingest millions of events per second totaling a hundred terabytes or more per day. With that kind of scalability, you will never miss a single event
  • Fair and Predictable Licensing – Rocana Ops licensing isn't based on data volume or age. As a result, you can ingest and retain 100% of your event data without financial penalty.
  • Anomaly Detection – Rocana Ops automatically detects irregular events and helps your IT staff quickly identify and diagnose potential or actual problems via an intuitive GUI interface.
  • Open Data Format – Rocana Ops keeps your event data in an open format. Users can continue to use existing 3rd party tools like Tableau or Splunk to analyze the data.

Minimize the risk of an unplanned outage or other serious issue that could put your strategic initiatives at risk due to the 90% of event data that you're not able to collect and analyze. Take back control with Rocana Ops.

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