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IT Operations Analytics Predictions for 2015

January 6, 2015 Author: Omer Trajman

IT Operations Analytics is no longer just a nice to have. With increasing deployments of next generation IT infrastructure, analytics must now be embedded at the core of IT operations and monitoring. Smarter IT software is a must have and it will require a new generation of ITOA software architectures.

Hadoop, OpenStack and Docker are reaching critical mass

Welcome to 2015 - the year of Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud, Analytics and every other domain that’s been brewing for the past 10 years. I’m not being facetious. I believe that we are at a tipping point for the IT revolution that has been brewing since the end of the Internet bubble. Dozens of technologies have evolved to the point that we can now scale our infrastructure seemingly forever and control our infrastructure largely through software. These technologies have ushered in the long promised digital economy, where nearly every transaction and interaction can happen online, through our phones and browsers. This year we will see a surge in adoption of new technologies and, as a result, business will become more efficient and have an opportunity to invest in new products.

The complexity of next generation infrastructure is taxing IT

There’s one catch: IT teams aren’t quite ready to roll out all this new infrastructure. The monitoring and operations tools available today are a far cry from what IT needs in order to run this next generation infrastructure. Today’s IT software is too slow and cumbersome to handle the complexity of the infrastructure that business is demanding. Customers have a high bar for reliability and security, leading to increased pressure on IT to quickly find the root cause of any emerging issues. To address customer demands, business today needs the same speed and agility from their internal infrastructure that they could get from cloud providers. The difference is that enterprises need infrastructure that is integrated with legacy systems, secured through to end user devices and monitored end to end. Scale out infrastructure holds the promise of agility and flexibility but guaranteeing reliability and security falls to IT, who needs to quickly find and address root causes in a significantly more complex environment.

ITOA is a must have, requiring a new generation of IT software

The answer to these needs lies in the rise of the next generation IT Operations Analytics software. The systems that come to market in 2015 will revolutionize how IT monitors and manages the IaaS, PaaS, DaaS and all other internal and external services they are deploying. These solutions won’t just provide analytics on top of data, they will have analytics embedded into the software, transparently delivering critical information about systemic issues to IT operators. Rather than staring at pie charts, CPU graphs and network loads until their eyes go cross or spending day and night searching for that one log line with the magic answer, IT will finally have software that can tell them where likely problems are and pinpoint root causes related to system issues. This year IT will finally be able to support more efficient businesses, unleashing the potential to offer game changing products and services to customers more reliably and securely.

2015 is not just the year of Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud and Analytics, 2015 is the year that IT finally gets the software they need.