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It Is About the Customers

November 6, 2014 Author: Omer Trajman

For the past few months we’ve been working on a new product for the next generation of data centers. Our entire development process has been in partnership with our customers. This approach to building product, popularized by Steve Blank, has come to shape how we think about all aspects of ScalingData. Eric recently posted about good engineers in which he states several times that good engineers think about and understand their customers. Customers are at the core of our being because they have had an immense impact on ScalingData from day one.

We started ScalingData to solve problems in IT operations because we saw our customers deploying transformational applications that were getting increasingly difficult to operate. When researching ScalingData our very first meetings were with IT operations staff and people building internal systems for operators. We listened to their day-to-day challenges, talked to them about what solutions they had available today, and got their input on different approaches to building a solution.

When we went to speak to investors, we were able to talk them about more than our approach to building a new technology. We understood and could explain the problems that we intended to solve for future customers. We were able to discuss how we were addressing limitations that impaired our customers’ ability to operate increasingly complex data centers. We found that we had deeper conversations and got a better sense of how our (at the time potential) investors were thinking about the space.

Once we got started on product engineering, we immediately called up everyone we had spoken with and asked them if they wanted to be development partners. This would mean a token payment and getting access to very early software. It also meant getting to shape our development roadmap down to specific features that we would optimize to be relevant for their needs. Several customers agreed and we spend the next few months building, testing, installing and getting feedback.

We’ve recently pulled together the first complete roadmap for the initial GA release of ScalingData and I’m thrilled that every feature on the list was validated by a customer requirement. This means that when we publicly release our software we will know that it addresses real customer needs and solves real customer problems. We’ll have gotten feedback on every feature and our future customers will know that the software has been put through its paces. Our existing customers are already pushing us to think about version 2 and adjacent areas we can help them with.

Customers are the center of everything we do at ScalingData. We’re happy only when we’re solving real and valuable problems for people. If you have challenges operating your complex IT environments and are interested in working with us, contact us at