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IT Deserves Better

October 24, 2014 Author: Amir Halfon

The complexity of most IT infrastructure is growing exponentially, and the tools to manage it are not keeping up. Most IT operators are struggling to maintain their required SLAs in the face of this growing complexity, and to deal with issues in a timely manner. We discussed this in detail in a previous blog post.

Big Data has only exacerbated this challenge, by both increasing the scale of data that IT has to manage and creating an expectation of comprehensive analytics of all data, including machine data. Businesses are trying to lay their hands on data from every system within reach. This flood of event data is hard to capture, manage and analyze effectively, and existing tools are not able to deliver the operational insights that businesses need. It’s not enough to just be able to aggregate and search event data. Events need to be correlated and presented in such a way that makes sense visually, and can be used to dramatically improve business processes.

At ScalingData we believe that the age of Big Data opens the way to a new era in event-oriented, machine data analytics. We're creating a new set of tools to facilitate guided analysis that integrates with and improves business processes, supported by rich, intelligent visualization.

Consider the powerful applications available to financial traders, where rich visualizations of market data are a key enabler for complex trading decisions. These applications provide not just graphs and charts, but also the ability to compare and analyze data side by side, and drill down from a holistic view all the way to the most detailed level then pivot the view. In investment banking, guided visual analysis has been available for years, and we believe the time has come to make it widely available to other industries and other parts of the business. The product we’re building draws inspiration from these kind of decision support systems, going beyond the search box, SQL prompt or basic graphs and charts, to provide intelligence that supports and expedites the decision making process.

It’s about time IT operations benefited from such systems to make root cause analysis more efficient. Using a guided, interactive process centered around helping operators quickly figure out “where to focus next” rather than just being presented with basic information. It’s this intelligence that is sorely missing from current tools. An integral part of our system is surfacing correlations and highlighting anomalies present the data, and guiding the investigative process.

IT now needs to keep data for an extended period of time to address regulatory requirements and to run analytics over longer periods. Yet as we've highlighted (related blog: Eliminate Data Silos) in order to take advantage of Big Data, IT cannot afford proprietary, expensive solutions where data is get locked up and then duplicated for additional use cases. The same data must be accessible to support multiple applications from the same platform.

In the era of Big Data, guided root cause analysis can finally be performed at scale. By using a modern, open platform, IT will be able to analyze all their data without having to cherry pick what to capture and store. The time is ripe for a new generation of intelligent guided analytics tools for IT operators. Let us know if you agree.