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Fragmentation and Elasticity Demand a New Approach to IT Ops

August 11, 2015 Author: Omer Trajman

IT has an increasingly fragmented view of an increasingly interconnected world. In order to regain control over their infrastructure, operations teams need an integrated view of their full stack, from applications to servers and across data centers. The elastic and distributed technologies used to run modern applications require a new approach to operations — one that learns about your infrastructure and assists IT operators with maintenance and problem-solving. Rocana has created this new approach to address the IT fragmentation problem.

We hear from CIOs that they lack visibility into their growing infrastructure and this is affecting their ability to control their systems and deliver reliable services. Modern technology infrastructure is radically different than just a few years ago when applications were built and managed in silos. In the past, IT operators only had to manage self-contained, isolated systems such as a desktop based ERP applications; today they need to support complex cloud-based supply chain software accessed from tablets in the field. The interdependencies between new applications are creating chaos in existing systems and surfacing the operational challenges of modern systems. Solutions like microservices architectures alleviate the scalability pains of centralized proprietary services but at a tremendous cost in complexity.


Rocana is addressing these new operational pains by pioneering a new paradigm for IT called Augmented IT Operations: the practice of applying Big Data, advanced analytics, and visualizations to DevOps in order to guide users to the root causes of any operational or security problems. IT administrators now have a single solution for monitoring global-scale infrastructure including hardware, services, and applications. Rocana Ops gives administrators from all domains a full view of their IT infrastructure and access to unlimited data volumes and sources.

In order to help IT and security operators, Rocana Ops delivers out of the box, highly relevant visualizations, without requiring users learn new language or master a complex interface,  Based on analyzing the data it collects from across the data center, Rocana Ops shows operators which systems are acting normally and which are abnormal. Using anomaly detection designed specifically for data center event streams, Rocana Ops flags deviations in patterns across any metric. These anomalies are highlighted when a user first logs in to Rocana Ops and annotated as they continue to investigate a problem. With visually driven search and customized metrics and dashboards, Rocana Ops guides IT and security operators to the root cause of any problem.


What we’ve built with Rocana Ops is just the beginning. There’s a revolution brewing in IT and we’re building the software that will help give IT back the visibility they need to control the new era of technology infrastructure. By bringing big data, advanced analytics and visualization to DevOps, we’re helping IT tackle the operational and security challenges they have today and providing them the foundation for addressing tomorrow’s business needs. Augmented IT Operations is our vision for the future of IT, where smart software can help IT teams control their modern infrastructure.

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