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Dr.Syslog - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Data

November 12, 2015 Author: Joey Echeverria

This short, quick-hitting presentation delivers a brief overview of the Rocana Ops architecture.

The title of the presentation is derived from the growing volumes of event data generated by IT components. Syslog is an incredibly common logging mechanism, but just one of the many ways application, database, web, and other IT logs and metrics are handled. Rocana Ops was developed specifically to make it easy to manage and analyze this mountain of data, so IT Operators can stop worrying,

While the amount of log and metric data can be overwhelming, even worse is that the value hidden in the event data can be lost. With real-time analytics and purpose-built visualizations that help them extract value and get to the root cause of problems, Rocana customers learn to love machine data.

To view the video, click in the window above, or watch it on YouTube.