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Control Your Modern Infrastructure

July 30, 2015 Author: Don Brown

Today has been a year and a half in the making, and we’re excited to announce our flagship product, Rocana Ops. I think it is a momentous day, for CIOs and, more specifically, anyone responsible for the IT management or security of an enterprise. Why? Over the past year and a half we’ve identified four questions listed below that have become recurring themes within large enterprises. Based on both personal experience and extensive work with customers and prospects, I’ll happily take bets that nearly any Fortune 1000 organization can’t answer all four on demand.


  1. How many of your servers are talking to blacklisted IPs?
  2. How long has your business been hacked?
  3. What was the root cause of your last service outage?
  4. What's causing the 10 most frequent errors your customers see?

These questions inspired us at Rocana to tackle fundamental weaknesses in the current state of the art of both IT and Security Operations analytics:

  • system specific IT software cannot answer questions that cross operational boundaries
  • lack of scalable solutions forced organizations to prematurely place value on operational datasets and thus cherrypick a small percentage, leaving them mostly blind
  • the legacy architecture of current solutions prevents companies from both storing and analyzing today’s data volumes for long periods of time, rendering historical forensic investigations impossible and forecasting limited in accuracy
  • "brute force" search-first tools are a blight on IT operator productivity
  • legacy log-oriented products are just search engines at their core, not first class, real time analytic platforms

To address these shortcomings, we relied on our deep real world experience in Big Data, building a highly-scalable, high-throughput solution for collecting and analyzing machine data as a foundation. We designed Rocana Ops based on the premise that the incredible growth in the volume of data, the explosion of containerization and microservices, and the dynamic nature of modern infrastructure require a new approach -- one that employs advanced analytics to sort through the mountains of data, identify anomalous events, and help IT operators get to the source of any performance or security issue faster and regain control of their infrastructure.

We invite you to see if your IT organization can answer these four questions. If the answers aren’t both instant and accurate, you should take a look at Rocana Ops. We think with Rocana you'll be able to get answers faster. Isn't that worth investigating?

Watch our webinar to learn how organizations like yours answered these questions using Rocana.