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Cloudwick and Rocana Partner to Deliver Big Data-as-a-Service for IT Operations

September 29, 2015 Author: Guest Author

by Mark Schreiber - General Manager, Cloudwick

I’m pleased to announce that Cloudwick has entered into a partnership with Rocana. Cloudwick's strategy is to focus on both the operations and the development of systems and is one of the only systems integrators with operational experience in big data. By collaborating with Rocana, we can rapidly help customers improve both their IT operations and their ability to create unique analytic solutions on a big data framework.

Today's enterprises are fundamentally different than just a few short years ago. Most companies have a complex technology stack that includes five, ten and even more components that need to be integrated and managed. Everything from downtime to response time suffers when teams have difficulty collaborating and troubleshooting. An organization’s ability to harness these disparate systems ties directly the ability for business to deliver a great customer experience and to innovate.

When we evaluated Rocana, we realized how powerful this solution could be for our customers. Nearly all of  our clients have grown their data volumes by at least 10x in the last few years and we see another 10x increase coming. The reliability and scalability of a real big data platform will be critical to managing continued data growth. Rocana has built a packaged application on open source standards, so not only is the data management robust but also the analytics capability makes them a technology leader.

One of the most impressive Rocana features is the ability to deliver out-of-the-box analytics that process millions of events per second. These analytics are the equivalent of data scientist in a box, with pre-built models that adapt to wide variety of IT infrastructure. What’s most exciting to Cloudwick about this is that the analytics platform is built on open standards, so we can easily extend and adapt the system to new, custom analytics that are unique to each of our customers.

This combination of a trusted platform with advanced, pre-packaged functionality is exactly why we chose to partner with Rocana. As the largest enterprise Big Data-as-a-Service provider with more Global 1000 Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark managed services than any other provider, we were looking for an enterprise-class solution that specialized in the daunting task of collecting and analyzing machine and log data.  By adding Rocana to our tool chest, we’ll be able to accelerate our customers IT operations, operational intelligence, and even Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. 

Mark Schreiber is Cloudwick GM, responsible for leading Cloudwick's global strategy, marketing, business development & sales.