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Age Diversity Matters at Rocana

August 30, 2016 Author: Rachel Taylor

Beyond the total visibility power under the hood of Rocana Ops, one thing we believe makes Rocana so successful is the growing diversity of our workforce. Research shows that a diverse workforce allows businesses to better serve their customers, increase worker creativity, encourage more personal growth, and foster independent thinking.

team-montage.pngEspecially in the tech world, diversity in the workplace is a hot button topic but it’s one we didn’t want to shy away from discussing. Diversity includes many different vectors and while gender is perhaps the most discussed diversity issue in tech, we wanted to shine the light on a lesser-discussed issue: age diversity.

While the issue is finally starting to come into focus, the lack of focus on age diversity in tech is still a major concern. According to AARP, 64% of older workers say that they have either seen or personally experienced ageism in the workplace. Some companies don’t even try to hide their ageism, as Dan Lyons, writer for HBO’s Silicon Valley, points out from a personal experience working at HubSpot. Older workers also face a litany of false stereotypes, like they are burned out, will miss too much work due to illness, or are resistant to embrace new methods. Yet research reflects that nearly every aspect of job performance actually improves as we age, and the prejudice older workers face in the workplace makes no sense.

Though in no way have we crossed the finish line – diversity cuts across many categories and we recognize there’s plenty of work to be done – we believe Rocana is helping to set an example of how startups can tackle the area of age diversity. Below are some stats that reflect the progress we’ve made:

  • We have a 72% overall diversity rate based on age, gender, orientation, or ethnicity
  • 52% of our employees are over the age of 40, 16% are over the age of 50
  • The average Rocana employee is 40 years old

For comparison, here are the average ages of employees at some other prominent tech companies according to PayScale:

  • Facebook - 28
  • Google - 29
  • Amazon - 32
  • Adobe - 33
  • Cisco - 35
  • Dell - 37
  • Oracle - 38

Diversity is a major tenet of our employer brand and candidate experience and we are committed to maintaining a level playing field for every member of our team, regardless of age or any other diversity factor. Our performance metrics are standardized and we work carefully to remove any conscious or unconscious bias when evaluating employees and job candidates. For our customers, the fact that 52% of our employees are over the age of 40 means we‘re able to balance our fresh, innovative ideas with real world wisdom and experience that is reflected in the uniqueness of Rocana Ops.

Having a diverse workforce where ideas from across the spectrum are valued and incorporated is important to us at Rocana. We’re very excited about the work we’re doing to help the world’s largest enterprises turn total IT visibility into a competitive advantage, and sharing Rocana’s open, transparent, diverse culture out to the wider market to reach potential candidates. Will you come join us on our journey?