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A Different View for IT Ops: The New Rocana Ops ‘First Responder’ Experience

April 17, 2017 Author: Eric Sammer

While it’s possible to automate the response to certain conditions, sometimes you just need a good old fashioned human. As ops and development teams deploy and manage new and evermore complex systems in production, the noise from those systems can increase dramatically.

When responding to an incident, it’s critical that you see the more important information quickly, and have the ability to dig down into the detail as required. This necessitates a dedicated workflow and experience for what we call first responders.

Rocana Ops now includes a new first responder experience that helps you navigate through both knowns (alerts) and unknowns (anomalies), quickly correlating these indicators with one another, the time they occurred, and the systems on which they occurred.


First Responder “bubble visualization” showing focused day pane and adjacent-days aggregates for context. This view puts 18 distinct data points at the user’s fingertips within one hover or click.

As you see hotspots, focusing them highlights just those indicators of interest. This allows you to quickly spot patterns of co-occurrence or, if necessary, identify false positives and refine triggers.


Each bubble is defined in size and color by the number and severity of alerts triggered during the period it represents.

Drilling into a specific alert provides critical detail, but also context: other times the alert has fired in recent history, notes from other members of the team, and even events related to this alert. This means you get answers to some of your most immediate questions: what led up to this, has this happened before, who’s working on or knows about this? Each of these views provides tools to dig even further, integrating with event search and source information, should you need it.


Each individual alert event conveys data about the conditions under which it was triggered.

Debugging network partitions, failed transactions, or garbage collection pauses at 3:00 a.m. is already hard enough. You need to have the right information and tools to get your job done. Rocana Ops 2.0 helps you understand what’s really going on.

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